Kurmond Public School

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Reporting to Parents

At Kurmond PS we strive to communicate student progress and achievement in a clear and timely manner.

Parents and caretakers are encouraged to attend Meet the Teacher Evening in Week 4 of Term 1. This allows teachers to outline teaching plans and goals for the year.

Kindergarten parents are invited to a Parent and Teacher interview in Week 5 of Term 1 to outline their children's Best Start assessment which was completed at the start of the year. This information is important for the school as it gives the teacher a starting teaching point for each student in the class.  

Parent and Teacher interviews are held in Week 9 of Term 1, to discuss student progress. We encourage these interviews to be three-way interviews in order to include students in the discussion regarding their learning and goals.

At the end of Term 2, written Student Reports are written by teachers addressing how the intended outcomes have been achieved by students in all Key Learning Areas. Parents are invited to discuss written reports further with class teachers if they feel the need to clarify any of the content. 

Student work samples are collected according to a school schedule. These are collated by  class teachers in a folder and are utilised to discuss student progress and scoring during professional discussions with grade and stage colleagues.

At the end of Term 4 a second written Student Report is provided to parents addressing student achievement of outcomes for all Key Learning Areas. Throughout the year parents are always welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher.