Kurmond Public School

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Bells Line of Road, Kurmond

Learning and Support

Learning is a priority at Kurmond PS. Students are encouraged to be visible learners. Teachers are encouraged to be learners. The belief that students attain one year worth of learning for one year worth of teaching and making every minute count is paramount at our school.

Our teachers are dedicated and work to hard to differentiate learning for all students in their classes. Students are grouped within their classrooms to achieve the best results. They are explicitly taught number, spelling, writing and reading strategies according to their needs.

Students who require additional support are targeted by our Learning and Assistance Support Teachers either in their classrooms or as small withdrawal groups. This can be for Mathematics, Reading and Comprehension and / or Writing. Particular intervention is provided to Year 1 students in Reading. 

If your child is identified as requiring learning support, the class teacher and / or the Learning and Assistance Teacher will communicate this need to the parents. Targeted students are identified as part of the school's Learning and Support Team.