Kurmond Public School

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Bells Line of Road, Kurmond

Parents and Citizens Association

P&C news is included in our regular Newsletters. Copies can be downloaded from the Newsletters and Notes section of our website.


The objectives of Kurmond P and C Association are to:

a) Promote the interest of the school by bringing Parents, Citizens, Pupils & Teaching Staff into close co-operation.

b) Assist in providing equipment required by the school.

c) Report, when requested by the Minister, on the material requirements of the school.

d) Assist teaching staff in establishment of school policy & management in all facets of school activity.


These are held every 3rd Tuesday of each month during school term.

They commence at 7.30pm and aim to finish by 9pm.

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in March each year, in conjunction with the Ordinary General Meeting for that month.